A seminar? Me? – “Mobility for All”

This was a long day, a hot one, dealing with many kinds of people, I arrived at the office after preparing a new project, and while checking my emails I look at the phone and see that the CEOs are calling at my phone:

“Hello?” – me
“Rui?” – CEO
“Yes”- me
“Come to my office, we need to speak to you.”- CEO
“We?” – me
“Yes, we are both here!”

My instant thoughts: have I done something wrong?!

No, I could never have guessed this one: “You are going to represent the company on a seminar about mobility and accessibility during the European Mobility Week here in Braga!”, and I just said “ok!” and asked how much time I had to prepare mylself for the seminar and they just smiled and said that I had a week to prepare it. A week??? A week?!?! I had a full agenda and I had to deal with the return of the new university semester and everything else… but ok, if it wasn’t a challenge it wouldn’t be fun!

and the time passed quickly…

“Mobility and Social Inclusion, September 22 – Seminar “Mobility for All”


Within the European Mobility Week, the local transport services and ACAPO joined so for, in partnership, to launch the debate on the importance of “Mobility for All”.

At the meeting, aimed at professionals related to aspects of urban mobility, the Rehabilitation Technicians, Teachers, the handicapped, the blind and the general public, it was possible to discuss and analyze the problems of Mobility and Inclusion, an initiative that had the presence of:

  • Altino Bessa, Environment Councillor of the city of Braga,
  • Ana Paula Amorim, Braga delegation of ACAPO,
  • Peter Colwell, an expert on urban mobility issues
  • Rui Martins, IT @ TUB (ME!!!!)
  • Filipe Azevedo, employee of TUB and a person with visual impairment.

My mission was to speak a bit of urban transport and all the effort we have been doing in order to make accessible all urban transport in Braga, through IT solutions as TUBmobile, integration of our offer in various solutions like google maps and our site, and I am proud to have worked on all of them (TUBmobile, Google maps) and even creating the company website.


Here is the presentation that I made for this seminar, in portuguese:

And this was another challenge that I always thought I would fail if one day I had to do something like this, what a surprise!

Ruca, September 2014

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