Braga 3.0 – A sustainable community

“Cities always die or, lets just say, end up being abandoned. However, the city, while human habitat or way of life, is immortal.” – Tu Qiyu

We inhabit a planet full of competition. Full of competitors. It is a world that surrenders to the numbers, to the rankings and statistics, and cities are no exception. And in this chapter, there is a question frequently asked: which city is the best city to live?

We can call all of this as the concept of smart city, the new paradigm associated with all of this new visions for a new city, perhaps new is a little far-fetched, lets just say how to reinvent the city so that it can keep up with our new needs.

In recent months we have seen a lot about smart cities, some of the thoughts that have flourished are utopian. It will have become a political ideology? Who knows, but what we know is what intelligent cities create in thinkers, visionaries, philosophers, researchers, engineers, architects, writers, painters and perhaps you. The internet has been what has given more power to citizens. Suddenly citizens have a voice and can make themselves heard and this freedom does not stop there, it can’t stop here.

This small introduction is part of a work that I was asked to do, a participation on a newspapaper supplement, and what can I say about it? It was all so much fun! I had opportunity to listen to lots of people, hear all what they had to share and then create an opinion of my own, and that is priceless. And the result of all of this were 4 texts.

To anyone that might be interested, just click the image and you can see all what i’m talking about.

PS: all the text is in portuguese.

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