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Just posting stuff, I can’t guarantee that this is going to make sense…

it bothers me and I will do an experiment about it :p

Do you know what bothers me much? Placing your fingers on my laptop monitor… Yes, YOUR fingers!!! Everyone does it!

Seriously, everytime I see someone doing it I just go berserk!

It’s like you are saying “do you see this spot? the one that gets distorted while I’m pressing it so hard? Do you see it? Let me circle it, do you see it now? Ok, click there…”

So annoying! I have to clean it frequently and now i’m thinking: perhaps I should do an experiment!!! :p It’s On!

I’m gonna take a picture of my laptop monitor today and a week from today I’m gonna take another one in order to show everyone how useless and annoying that behaviour is!

Here it is, showing only a reflection of an image of another monitor:

2015-03-21 20.21.01

As a reference let me zoom out:

2015-03-21 20.21.55

Next sunday I’ll show you what I was talking about!

I’m cooking another mistake… (Scrambler Ducati or Ducati Monster 821?!)

Logical thinking gets totally deactivated! I can’t, and I won’t bother trying to explain all of this. This passion started, perhaps, with all the wrong reasons but now it all turned to be like a self-preservation need.

I made a huge mistake this weekend, I accepted a challenge and went to Porto in order to try the new Scrambler Ducati and what a ride.

2015-03-07 11.25.01

A nimble bike, very honest and easy to ride. What you see is what you get.

Pros: engine, looks, sound of it, style and the way of life represented by it.
Cons: the seat and the suspension.

I could say that the power of the bike could be a bad thing, since I never had such a low power bike before but I guess that I have to learn that, not always, the power is the key everything.

But, and there is a but, and in this case a huge but, a but that is called Ducati Monster 821! I feel so bad about this, and do you want to know why? I was on top of one (Scrambler Ducati) and thinking about another one (Ducati Monster 821)!

And what a lady this one is!

2015-03-07 10.38.53

I guess its time to do some math, look at what I desire and make another mistake.

I guess that I should find other hobbies because this is one is really expensive! 😀

But just look at my face and you can see it all!!!

And to think that my road has been so diversified and now I’ll be going to another intersection and I can choose a new destination (scrambler) or return to an old one (naked bikes)…

Here are some photos of that morning:


I know I said I would update this blog at the end of the past year but it has been a difficult semester but that is almost over.

However 2015 has already been an interesting year because of the new challenges that have emerged, an apartment that I went to see for myself, companies that have shown interest in me and my work, good grades in all subjects of the university … Who would say that hard work would really pay off? :p

news I can share? I was invited to do three articles for a newspaper in a very specific area, a subject that I have a very personal opinion and it even is about my field of study….

But for now I can only say that 2015 is going to be a good year! I can bet on that!

Let’s see how this turns out

Hi Fernando Rui Gomes Martins,

Thanks for applying to NOT SPEAKING OF IT! There are a ton of great companies out there, so we appreciate your interest in joining our team.

While we’re not able to reach out to every applicant, our recruiting team will contact you if your skills and experience are a strong match for the role. In the meantime, join the conversation about job opportunities and life at STOP TRYING TO KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT on our page.

We appreciate your interest in joining us.


let’s see how this turns out

Dear applicant,

We have received your application to the NOT TALKING ABOUT IT. We are currently reviewing all applications received in response to this vacancy. We realise the importance of your job search. Once we have had an opportunity to consider all applications received, we will only contact those applicants whose background and prior experience appear to be most suited to this particular position.
We appreciate the time you have taken to inquire about employment with NOT TALKING ABOUT IT AS WELL, and thank you for your interest in our organisation.

Kind regards

finally, after months

Today was the day I finally managed to make my curriculum vitae.  Don’t get me wrong, I had one but it was old and I stopped updating it some time ago and I guess that the time was right.


Now I will ask for some opinions and then consider this issue as closed and maybe I’ll upload it here!

PS: maybe I’ll send it to a company that I have already been talking about in a almost utopian way … who knows.

Hello world!


First of all: thanks for the visit! ☺

I can’t explain the reasons for starting this diary, or weekly, or whatever, but it seems appropriate for me to make something of this and turn it to some kind of time capsule, it should be fun to someday revisit all of it.

My first thoughts, while doing this page, is to record all kinds of work that I might be doing while professionally, or have done, and connect it to all the stuff I love personally and recording it as well. And thinking of this I recon that it’s going to be a real challenge to keep this blog tidy, lets hope that this doesn’t end like my bedroom.


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