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Yeah, I guess I can be useful sometimes…

Presentation of the “ATM Payments”: video report!

So yesterday, October 7 2014, was the oficial presentation of the ATM payments used by my company, a project  that I inherited on the early stages and the final result was a small public presentation where the CEO’s of the company were present, and also the Mayor of the City. Ohhh and the press were making coverage.

At this moment I won’t be talking about the project, the marketing involved or the training to all the employees (and the artefacts involved) but one simple thing: video report!

And what a fun challenge this was:

  • it was on an open space (kind of like a Starbucks),
  • lots of ambient noise;
  • lots of people;
  • all the lights were wrong;
  • and for last, and most fun part, all the work was done using two iPhones 5s!

Here is the initial setup:


The post “production”:

2014-10-07 12.28.27

And here is the final result after some video edit and noise cancelation:

Video Tutorial: Google Maps and Public Transport

The user doesn’t always know how to use what is given to him, and while expressing that need I was asked to improve the information available to help all of those that may have some issues while dealing with the Google Maps simulator, the result is a video tutorial in Portuguese (my main language).

This was a fun task because of one simple detail: the music!

Don’t get me wrong, what I mean is that it’s so hard to get some music, insert it into the videos and then have no worries of dealing with the owner rights. The solution was quite simple: talk to a friend that is a producer and ask him for some tunes and here is the result!