it bothers me and I will do an experiment about it :p

Do you know what bothers me much? Placing your fingers on my laptop monitor… Yes, YOUR fingers!!! Everyone does it!

Seriously, everytime I see someone doing it I just go berserk!

It’s like you are saying “do you see this spot? the one that gets distorted while I’m pressing it so hard? Do you see it? Let me circle it, do you see it now? Ok, click there…”

So annoying! I have to clean it frequently and now i’m thinking: perhaps I should do an experiment!!! :p It’s On!

I’m gonna take a picture of my laptop monitor today and a week from today I’m gonna take another one in order to show everyone how useless and annoying that behaviour is!

Here it is, showing only a reflection of an image of another monitor:

2015-03-21 20.21.01

As a reference let me zoom out:

2015-03-21 20.21.55

Next sunday I’ll show you what I was talking about!

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