Just a marriage proposal… inside a BUS.

Once upon a time, there was this cute couple that have met each other on a TUB BUS while going to school.

That couple used to travel together at least two times a day and started to create some strong connections and feelings about each other. They shared the same seats and conversations, their hands touched and on the backseat of that BUS their lips started something.

This was the story of Filipe and Sara and like some fairy tail it didn’t stopped here.

On the 23rd of july of 2015, and now being an adult couple, Filipe decided to make a step, and not a small one. He decided to propose to Sara, ask her hand, but as usual, Filipe wanted to do it on an unusual place but one that made perfect sense: inside a BUS next to those lovely backseats πŸ˜‰ but how?

Once we’ve heard this lovely story we had to be part of it, we wanted to keep our presence on this couple’s lives.

This video shows the preparation of a Bus, following the careful instructions of Filipe that lead to the final request “Will you marry me?”.

And now? Well, now they lived happily ever after.

love happens at TUB πŸ™‚

  • Hardware used: 
    - LG G4 and its amazing video capabilities
    - iPhone 5S 32Gb and its awesome flashlight :p
  • Edited using: 
    - Final Cut Pro X


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