Making her even more beautiful [Scrambler Ducati and customization]

This was one of those things that just had to happen because those side panels were just asking for an INTERVENTION! 😀


So, as a sports brand says: Just do it! And here is the walkthrough:

  • 1st: spend some time making the design of what I wanted and how I wanted it:

Concept of the artwork

All the draws were from pages of awesome manga that I read or am reading and that I found to be excellent for it, and this was part of that collection:


Initially this work, or a variant of it, was used as a cover picture of my facebook account:


And here was some testing of this solution:


And I loved it! This had to happen! ASAP!

  • 2nd: find a company that could perform the work as I wanted: Reclatempo!
  • 3rd: execute it

They told that it would take some hours to get the work done, no problem, at least that’s what I thought… everyone must understand that that beautiful thing is my mistress.


And a few hours later I received this email:

Hey Ruca,

Your lady is ready! Come and get it!

That almost gave me a heart attack!

“I need a ride right now!!!”

  • 4th: enjoy the work

ScramblerDucati_side_pannel_2 ScramblerDucati_side_pannel_22ScramblerDucati_side_pannel_1ScramblerDucati_side_pannel_11

The team performed an excellent work and the final result was better than I ever expected! Thanks to all the involved!

PS: And September has more goodies on the way!

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