Obeya Table

Obeya means WAR! Is it more easy to understand what I mean with “obeya table”?

I have to be honest because I’m influenced by the concept “obeya room” that refers that all individuals involved in managerial planning meet in a “great room” to speed communication and decision-making. This is intended to reduce “departmental thinking” and improve on methods like email and social networking. The Obeya can be understood as a team spirit improvement tool at an administrative level. Being said this, let us transport this concept to the “obeya table”. 😀


One of the advantages of being n the middle of the information systems is to be able to closely deal with top management and participate in the company’s day-to-day life at many different levels. I have the sheer luck of having obtained their confidence and receive frequently challenges that keep ranging and testing my ability to improvise and create solutions, not only immediate solutions but also permanent ones.

This important place, that was already nicknamed “obeya table” by me, has seen many challenges that end up being overcome, despite the difficulties, a strong team of people that only need to know the problem to create the solutions, and not to create even more problems.

This is the most important thing for me: understanding the problem in order to create a solution.

To all the colleagues that allow me to sit on this table, to the colleagues, that work with me towards and end, I only want to say this:

“We traveled only 50% of the way so “lets get to work!”.

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