Presentation of the “ATM Payments”: video report!

So yesterday, October 7 2014, was the oficial presentation of the ATM payments used by my company, a project  that I inherited on the early stages and the final result was a small public presentation where the CEO’s of the company were present, and also the Mayor of the City. Ohhh and the press were making coverage.

At this moment I won’t be talking about the project, the marketing involved or the training to all the employees (and the artefacts involved) but one simple thing: video report!

And what a fun challenge this was:

  • it was on an open space (kind of like a Starbucks),
  • lots of ambient noise;
  • lots of people;
  • all the lights were wrong;
  • and for last, and most fun part, all the work was done using two iPhones 5s!

Here is the initial setup:


The post “production”:

2014-10-07 12.28.27

And here is the final result after some video edit and noise cancelation:

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