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Trip weekend! vrummm vrummmm [short story]

So, last weekend, or the one before, was a trip weekend!


Lots of fun, lots of curves, lots of speed above the law, lots of erections, lots of laughs and lots of pain on the throat and earache.

220 km were made while riding some interesting roads, b roads, forgotten roads… awesome…

Also had to ask for some help to return to the main roads and stay on course…

“You just have to turn right” … a few minutes later … “He said my right or his right?”

Not the most easy thing to do but AWESOME!

cool shaped hill or whatever that is…

But yeah, kind of lost, even after some help…

It was so cold…

What can I take from this? Portugal is such a beautiful country and worth knowing!

To all that come here I only say this: give it a chance!


Making her even more beautiful [Scrambler Ducati and customization]

This was one of those things that just had to happen because those side panels were just asking for an INTERVENTION! 😀


So, as a sports brand says: Just do it! And here is the walkthrough:

  • 1st: spend some time making the design of what I wanted and how I wanted it:

Concept of the artwork

All the draws were from pages of awesome manga that I read or am reading and that I found to be excellent for it, and this was part of that collection:


Initially this work, or a variant of it, was used as a cover picture of my facebook account:


And here was some testing of this solution:


And I loved it! This had to happen! ASAP!

  • 2nd: find a company that could perform the work as I wanted: Reclatempo!
  • 3rd: execute it

They told that it would take some hours to get the work done, no problem, at least that’s what I thought… everyone must understand that that beautiful thing is my mistress.


And a few hours later I received this email:

Hey Ruca,

Your lady is ready! Come and get it!

That almost gave me a heart attack!

“I need a ride right now!!!”

  • 4th: enjoy the work

ScramblerDucati_side_pannel_2 ScramblerDucati_side_pannel_22ScramblerDucati_side_pannel_1ScramblerDucati_side_pannel_11

The team performed an excellent work and the final result was better than I ever expected! Thanks to all the involved!

PS: And September has more goodies on the way!