“TUB Mulher”, Women’s Day

As I found myself part of a team dedicated to the response of TUB to all kinds of events, the latest challenge was the Woman’s Day and it was decided to call this “TUB Mulher” (Woman TUB).


I must admit that I presented some concerns regarding this event, I thought we should have had some other priorities and that this event would not merit the time spent and I was VERY wrong but lets talk about other things first.

The plan for this event was extremely simple: deliver flowers with a symbolic message concerning the women’s day and create a special fare ticket of only one euro that offered the possibility to travel all day in city buses.


The event coverage would be my responsibility and the promotion of this activity would be in charge of two colleagues.

Why did I said that I was totally wrong before?

See the smile that I caught here:


I found amazing how a simple gesture turns a regular day as the most colorful day for many people.


Another interesting fact was that my photos have been used by the local media  :p


Yeahhhh, multitasking baby!!!!!

PS: It is necessary to stress that just because I do not agree with some project it does not mean that I won’t dedicate myself to it the same way.

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